Please welcome our new designed "Baah Baah Baah-bbins" the perfect bobbin tool for colourwork, graphgans, and to store scrappy yarn.  Sold in a set of 3.Crafted right here in Stitchcraft Manor, with love, lots of swearing, and definitely nerdiness! Note: 3D printing works by heating up plastic filament to 210 degrees and then builds up the object layer by layer, in millions of 0.2mm thick layers, to create the finished product. This is a very long process and unlike poured plastic, that is set into moulds, the finish is not shiny and smooth, but more matt with visible printing layers and uneven surfaces. This is normal for 3D printed items and does not effect their use. Please refer to close up images for an idea of the finish.

Set of 3 "Baah Baah Baah-bbins" colourwork / graphgan bobbins

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